Born in the Highlands of Scotland in the mid-80s to a British mother and German father, I grew up in a tiny village on the edge of the world. I am still lucky enough to call that place home for a few weeks every year. 

My "work home" is Berlin, where I write in German and English. I also have a long interest in the Middle East, having lived in the region for several years, learning Arabic and a bit of Hebrew along the way. 

I write a regular newsletter for subscribers that gives deeper insights on German current affairs. It's called the German Review. Sign up with the following link.

I'm always happy to hear from publications that value insightful reporting on Germany (or any other country that I happen to be travelling to). Get in touch at

As well as writing for a living, I also play the bagpipes (or Dudelsack as it is known in German). This is mainly a hobby, but I do play at the occasional wedding. You can find my website here.